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Jul 23, 2004 The Windows CE 5. 0: Standard SDK, in conjunction with the Microsoft eMbedded Visual C 4. 0 SP4, deliver a complete development environment for creating applications for devices based on Microsoft Windows CE 5. 0.The CeRegEditor is a registry editor for any device (PDA) based on WindowsCE, PocketPC2003 and WindowsMobile(WM5, WM6) system. It runs on desktop PC but operates on a mobile device. With this feature user is able to user a normal keyboard, mouse and big even 21' PC's monitor: ) regedit windows ce 5 download

# re: Windows CE: Simple Little Registry Editor I found your blog while investigating a registry modification for a CE 5. 0 device. All I want to say is, it is both comforting and disturbing how similar your questions are to those we receive in technical support every day. (I work in technical support for a company that manufactures devices that

Free Regedit windows ce 5 download

PHM RegEdit for Pocket PC, free and safe download. PHM RegEdit latest version: Modify the registry on your Pocket PC.

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Any recommendations for a registry editor for Windows CE 5. 0 device? The ones I found we very old, vintage 2002. Thanks, Larry.

Apr 03, 2014 Download this set of updates for Windows CE 5. 0 released during the period of March 1 31, 2014.

I thought maybe my software was too old (predated the registry) but the page referenced above is for Windows CE 5. 0, so that's obviously not the case. update I downloaded the remote registry editor which PaulH recommends below.

I've a panel pc which runs Windows CE 5. 0. On top of this runs some proprietary runtime. Due to the specifics of the network, I would like to add a static host entry for one IP. I found out that

The application has a similar UI to the standard registry editor (regedit) available on the Windows platform. The actual code to read the registry entry and display the values is performed in reditview. cpp. It is standard Win32 registry API

Jul 11, 2008  s if u installed visual studio 2005 means, u can access the registry of windows ce 5. 0 device by visual studio 2005visual

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